Douglas Buck SE Asia & Unions

I rescued this from an email my Dad wrote. What’s important about this is not my father’s views on unions, of which he was grudgingly forced to participate while working for the Connecticut state health department who graciously took ~5% of his wages, but what’s important here is his memory of possibly living in SE Asia as most likely a missionary (he served in SE Asia) with an “icon”. Here’s the snippet from the email dated March, 3, 2020:

“Many years ago, I worked for and lived with an icon.  His name was Pete Grimm.  He owned much of the the stevedoring business in Southeast Asia at one time and the two major tugboat companies in Manila, Philippines.  He owned a pearl farm in the Orient and a pig farm south of Tooele Utah.  I helped build his home in Tooele.  He owned another large home in Manila.  Grimm told me that large corporations (who have control of the market or agreements with their competitors) love Unions.  When wage hikes are demanded by the unions there is always a heavy squabble between them… for public relations.  Of course, in the end, both sides ostensibly give a little to demonstrate their reasonableness.  But, he said, just remember, 10 percent of $30 an hour for the company is more than 10 percent of $20 an hour. Get it? Here is the link:”

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